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Design Outlaws on the Ecological Frontier: 400 pages, 8" x 10", with 15 illustrations & 225 photographs. Published by Knossus Publishers. ©2000

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Ecological Design: Inventing the Future: 64 minute video. ©1995

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Knossus launches Green Roofs Initiative

Knossus, Inc., is collaborating with S. Edgar David to offer green roof retrofitting and new construction.

S. Edgar David is one of the world's leading proponents of "Green Roof" technology. For more information on this exciting new field, visit our companion site

"Ecological Design: Inventing the Future" airing on American Public Television

"Ecological Design: Inventing the Future", the film that inspired the book "Design Outlaws on the Ecological Frontier" and this website, will be broadcast on 49 public television stations throughout the USA, 6 times over the course of the next 4 years. This is the film's first national broadcast television debut in the USA and is distributed by American Public Television under the auspices of APTV's Exchange Program. NJN Public Television is the presenting station, and a list of the stations that will be airing the film can be viewed by clicking this link. While we are waiting to receive confirmations, expectations are that many of the participating stations will be making the first broadcast of the film on Earth Day, 2002 (April 22). Check with your local PBS station (if it is on the list) to verify when it is airing near you. To read some of the awards and press that the film has garnered to date, click here

It has arrived! The enhanced and expanded edition of: Design Outlaws on the Ecological Frontier is now available!

This book, now in its 5th printing, is the companion to the award winning film: Ecological Design, Inventing the Future. It provides a priceless compendium of knowledge, realities and tools for building a sustainable future.

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Key Concepts:
Solar Energy:
Design Outlaws explores the various aspects of the solar energy movement, with examples of solar architecture, breakthrough innovations in solar panels, solar roofs and other forms of solar design. Once viewed as a hobby for wealthy environmentalists, solar energy is now considered an intelligent way to interact with the grid.
Renewable Systems:
A major focus of Design Outlaws is upon renewable or regenerative systems. These are items or processes that we use and depend on in our daily lives.Examples include waste-water treatment, sewage treatment, and transportation devices. Until relatively recently, most such systems used technologies that consumed fossil fuels or utilized chemicals to accomplish their tasks. Unfortunately, these processes have caused great damage to the environment either through the process of their extraction and creation, or through their consumption/ utilization. Alternatively, renewable systems (such as solar energy) do not consume fuels and leave toxic residues. Another example is wind-power, or windmills. Living machines are the answer to processing waste-water in an organic fashion, without harmful pathogens and chemicals.
A prevailing concept throughout the book, Design Outlaws and the documentary film, Ecological Design: Inventing the Future, is that we have the power to redesign and improve our environment in virtually every way. Concepts as diverse as green architecture, alternative power sources and the saving of rivers and wetlands are woven into an overriding philosophy that describes a new mandate for living in harmony, rather than in conflict with, our environment.
The trailblazers who contributed to Design Outlaws reads like a who's who of ecological innovators and leaders. The list includes: Amory Lovins, Anthony Walmsley, Arthur Young, Brendan O' Reagan, Brian Danitz, Buckminster Fuller, Carol Franklin, Catherine Simon, Chris Zelov, Christopher Alexander, David Sellers, Douglas Adams, Duane Elgin, Edmund Bacon, Gail Vittori, James Wines, Jay Baldwin, Jean-Paul Polinere, John Allen, John Todd, Harold Cohen, Hazel Henderson, Hunter Lovins, Ian McHarg, Jaimie Lerner, Leslie Sauer, Mary Catherine Bateson, Mike Corbett, Paolo Soleri, Paul MacCready, Peter Calthorpe, Pliny Fisk, Steward Brand, Ted Nelson, Thomas Hughes, Tom Casey, Tony Gwilliam, William McDonough

The Design Outlaw Perspective
from the film:
"Ecological Design: Inventing the Future"

R. Buckminster Fuller
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